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Mahakala Tombo to Help Japan

 Mahakala is a Buddhist Wrathful Deitiy. He is called Daikokuten in Japanese. I took the motif as a protector in the hope that Japan will survive the disaster still hapening as I write this. Of course my personal protector Tombo has to be apparent too.

Thanks to Sherab Norpa, The Rubin Museum of Art gift shop manager, I have Mahakala-Tombo postcards at the gift shop counter for donation. Visit the museum, give a couple dollors and take a postcard! He will be your protector! 100% of the proceeds go to the Fukushima Prefecture.



今回、ニューヨークのRubin Museum of Artのギフトショップマネージャー、シェラブに許可をもらって、ギフトショップのカウンターにカードを置かせてもらっています。$2でも$1でもいいので寄付して、ポストカードを持って帰ってください。きっとおうちの守り神になってくれます。集まった全額が福島県に行きます。




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