On the back of the Whale


Here it is, Kent Kakitsubata's second Album 

"On the back of the Whale" is about to be released!

The cover illustration by me...





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My First Music Album


I made illustration for this album cover.

"Elekitel" by Kent Kakitsubata is making his debut from

World Apart on August 8th!


Kent Kakitsubata、8月8日に「エレキテル」でデビューです。


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Happy Dragon New Year 

I wish us all a super happy new year.

Many unfortunate things happened in 2011.

Maybe it is like this any year,

maybe a tragedies got highlighted over happier news.

I don't care.

I just want this dragon year to be much much happier,

more productive, more fotunate year. 












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Goat's Helping Hoof to japan

My Goat print is accepted to be in a group exhibition at Sacred Gallery in NYC. It is a benefit fundraiser for Japan. There will be over 50 great artists showing their artworks. 100% of the sales made will be donated to Red Cross. Check out the website and come by!! It is on May 5th and is a on-night-only exhibition! All artworks priced under $200.

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Mahakala Tombo to Help Japan

 Mahakala is a Buddhist Wrathful Deitiy. He is called Daikokuten in Japanese. I took the motif as a protector in the hope that Japan will survive the disaster still hapening as I write this. Of course my personal protector Tombo has to be apparent too.

Thanks to Sherab Norpa, The Rubin Museum of Art gift shop manager, I have Mahakala-Tombo postcards at the gift shop counter for donation. Visit the museum, give a couple dollors and take a postcard! He will be your protector! 100% of the proceeds go to the Fukushima Prefecture.



今回、ニューヨークのRubin Museum of Artのギフトショップマネージャー、シェラブに許可をもらって、ギフトショップのカウンターにカードを置かせてもらっています。$2でも$1でもいいので寄付して、ポストカードを持って帰ってください。きっとおうちの守り神になってくれます。集まった全額が福島県に行きます。




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THVC goes (high) Society

My print, Tombo Hates Vacuum Cleaner is accepted by the New York Society of Etchers to show in their 10th Anniversary exhibition @ The National Arts Club. Thank you, Tombo, for your support.



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Bid bid bid

My prints sold at an auction!

There was a benefit auction held Nov. 3rd at Bloomsbury auction house. I donated 4 prints and they got sold!

Yay, thank you.




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To the Netherlands


Whoa, this is my first entry for NEWS.

I am very excited to announce that THTM- Tombo Hates Tape Measure was selected for an exchange show! The show is held between Manhattan Graphics Center, the print shop I go to, and Grafisch Atelier Daglicht in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Selected works from Grafisch Atelier Daglicht are currently exhibited at Manhattan Graphics Center. It seems like our work will open in September in the ateliers of the Meulensteen art center in Eindhoven!

Wish they can fly the artists there too...!

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