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A Dog's Dream


The dog could smell the cheese on the kitchen table. He could almost see it. He sat nicely, did “get down” and howled a little bit. But the dog remained cheeseless.

That night he had a dream.

The dog had a set of wings on his back. They were small, rubbery bat-like wings. The dog was excited. He rushed to the kitchen. He took a deep breath, flapped his wings. His body floated for a second and he flapped some more with all his power. He was almost at the tabletop high, but he could not reach the cheese. He kicked the air, tried to stretch in the air, but he was a little too heavy for the small bat wings to go higher. The dog went back to his bed cheeseless again.

When he woke up next morning, the wings were gone. Instead, he found a big piece of cheese in his food bowl.

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