Just a little things come and go in my squid mind...



Spongy dream

I was standing on a bottom of a crater.

Really steep cliffs surrounded me. There were some group of people in white lab coats doing some work around me. They scraped off some stuff from the cliff and were trying to make balls as big as possible. They put them on a digital scale and weigh.

One of the worker came up to me and told me to stick my tongue out. So I did and he put a fist-size ball of scraped thing. It started to melt and I got strange sensation of something fizzy on my tongue. The guy in a lab coat was watching his wrist watch and the thing on my tongue back and forth with a serious face. About the time my jaw started tired he put his arm up high like he wants to get some attention and took the thing out of my mouth.

"5.9". He called. No one paid attention to him but they all kept scraping off something of the cliff and weighing them.

I felt very lonely and woke up.



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Squidworking everyday

In a morning I take my dog to the Central Park. That is when I first feel the air outside and get a feeling of "what today will be like". North end of the park is still pretty quiet and feels secluded from the rest of Manhattan. I may see some runners, bikers, dog owners that do not pick up the dogs' poo, an old Chinese guy walk his cat on a leash or some drug dealers working early (or is it late).

Squidwork is images, stories and characters influenced by the small things that I see everyday, in places that at first seem ordinary.

Please take a peek of my website. I would love to share a little bit of my squidwork mind with you! 


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