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The silence of the crabs



"Cwabth 're arkin', cwaeth"

I looked up.

"Excuse me?"

Dr. Lecter shook his head like "No-No". I hurried to take his special-ordred muzzle off of his face. Bite restarint muzzle.

"The crabs are barking, Clarice"

He licked his bottom lip and said again. He had a slight lisp.

When I looked up from the sandy ocean bed, choppy waves were breaking up the dark grey sky. I did not hear anyone barking.

"I have to go, doctor"

"You're going to tell me when the crabs stop barking, aren't you, Clarice?"

Dr. Lecter gazed at me through the bars. He looked very comfortable in his straitjacket.

When I was leaving, I looked back once and he was still looking at me.


Five days later I went to his crab trap and found that the trap was empty. What I saw was bodies of two guard mackerel on a floor. One mackerel had no face. It almost looked like someone chewed his face off.

"Have the cwabth stopped barking, Cwaeth?"

I clearly heard Dr.Lecter's voice in my head.

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me go Jap land

Have you heard people are very nice and polite in Japan?

You can get smile at McDonald for 0yen. People working at supermarket cashiers actually do pay attention to you and try to process your shopping cart as quick as possible. They would apologize you if the product you want is out of stock and show some sympathy like your pet squirrel just died in front of them. They would never roll eyes at you when you ask questions like "can you check if the other location has some?"

But then, the same people would never say "excuse me" or "I'm getting off" on a super crowded train or elevator when they try to squeeze by you. They just push. Push you with the back of the hands coldly. If you say "ouch" or "hey" they would either ignore you or give you an uncertain smile, and that means "oh hey...you know I didn't mean it. calm down...please?"   

Those people pretend not to see someone on a street needing help. They won't try to stop bullies bullying the ones that gets bullied. They simply look away and go back to their own important business.

Those people might be some of my best friends. Those people might be my family. I might have been one. Hope not. But could have been. 

But then, I hate people who is all up in my business and give me expert's advices that I did not ask for. I get very quietly angry and upset. And because they think it is "for me" I put some weak smile on and say "Ah", and that means "I would love it if you leave me alone. But I might be alright even if you don't...Please?"


I am going to Japan tomorrow. I do miss Japan!

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Summer Turtlization

turtlization: n. (tur-tl-luh-zey-shuhn)

turtlize: v. (tur-tuh-lahyz)

-lized, -lyzing

1. to make turtle.

2 to force to be turtle (sometimes implying against one's will)

Turtles are "in" right now. Not only pet industry is talking about turtles but all the women's interest magazines are featuring how celebrities turtlize , turtlization tips and next season's turtles. Even teens are starting to be interested, and they are trying to sneak in their parents' closets and secretly admiring their turtlization tools and dreaming about the day they will turtlize themselves.

However it seems there is no stopping on global turtlization movement, to some that is unethical and offensive. There are already some animal and human rights groups strongly protesting. Numbers of protesters are lining up in front of White House and demanding for government to take a prompt action. There was a scene of Police and some protesters struck. The protesters were heard to be throwing turtle-food at Police.

Also a researcher group released a statement " Recent study shows millions of lizards are complaining of depression and it is suspected to have some kind of relation to this recent trend" The statement says a number of lizards complaining of depression and fatigues are increasing radically since last Spring, which is about same time as turtlization became popular and started showing on media. Spring is usually known as a happy time after a long hibernation period for lizards.    

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The shortest dream...

Yesterday morning, I had a strange short dream.

After David left for early morning Zazen sitting, I was still dosing off while I was petting Tombo who also was still snoring loud. He was lying on his side, sometimes kicking air with his hind leg. As I closed my eyes again, Tombo's snoring stopped. He suddenly stood up, shook my hand off, and that woke me up. He looked at me and said "Can you buy me a camera?" in very clear English. I can't really remember the sound of his voice but it was Tombo speaking. I was a little surprised but that is because I did not know he wanted a camera and that seemed like a odd thing to say first thing in a morning. I tried to wake up and clear my head by getting my upper body up. And Tombo was right next to me snoring again like nothing happened.

I was so confused and said "What kind of camera?" to him out loud. His ear slightly moved but he was still asleep. It was almost 8 already so I got up and went to take shower. I guess it was a dream. I thought in shower. What kind of camera would he want, though?

Later, David and I agreed that he would like a Polaroid camera because he has no patience. With a Polaroid, he can take photo, print, and chew on it right then!

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Squid in Summer

Wow...It has been a while since the last time I had any thoughts or dreams.

......Yeah, um. So........................................


Just kidding!


I do have a lot of thoughts, a lot. Not organized ones.

The first day of Summer is coming and I am just feeling better about weather lately.

Every year I face my weak squid self in winter. I cannot get myself do anything, cannot get up in the freezing mornings, do not have motivation to do much and slightly depressed.  But now, I wake up half an hour earlier and go to the park with Tombo and mingle with all the dog people. I even do that weekends, which involves with some little Tai chi!

So I wonder, where this happy little me go in winter. And why the poop I live here if that turns me into a grumpy, crinkle-browed creature that cannot sleep at night for some unnecessary depressing thoughts and frustrations?  I do not even shave my legs. (did not need to know that? too bad) My friend, Alison, has a brilliant idea. She has this secret desire/ plan to go on migration to a warmer place for 3 months of the coldest time of the year! She can still be based in NY, no one needs to know where she is working from. It just needs a really good game plan and flexible work choices. I must have been drooling when she told me about it.

 Well, my point is that I am doing well right at this moment, and somehow I will have to do something about me in winter. I don't even know how long this "waking earlier and getting some exercises" thing will last either! I might have made it sound so easy, but I am still a sleepy lizard. Just a little happier lizard since it's warmer and more sun. Why don't I just focus on keeping up the good work for now.

Let's prepare for a good summer! 

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